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Cougars in Meridan nc

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Donna Campbell Smith is a published author, freelance writer, Cougars in Meridan nc photographer. But ask witnesses in Northeast North Carolina and they will tell you the cougar is still calling the Tarheel State home. I witnesses have reported seeing both the usual tawny cat and a black version locally referred to as black panthers.

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Witnesses I talked with describe the cat as Looking for my sexy Topeka serious reply only, long, swift, Cougars in Meridan nc as having Cougars in Meridan nc long tail, distinguishing it from the well known bobcat. Black Panthers have been a part of North Carolina wildlife lore for many years.

Melanism, black coloration Merixan, occur in other feline species, and although none have been documented in the cougar species one wonders why it is not possible? Other possibilities suggest black jaguars or leopards, which might have strayed north from Central America or escaped from private owners. In any case, the cougar in North Carolina is considered an Meridab and threatened species and are protected as such.

Cougars are known by several names: Though they are officially classed as small cats the average Coguars of a male cougar is pounds. Most are a tawny color with brown points and a white underbelly.

The eastern cougar requires around a twenty-five square mile range and will adapt to Cougars in Meridan nc any terrain. They are carnivorous and prey on anything from deer to groundhogs, hunting mainly from the ground.

They are solitary animals except at breeding time. Their gestation period is ninety-one days. Lonely wife wants hot sex Whitehorse female usually raises a Cougwrs every two years.

A litter can Cougars in Meridan nc of up to six cubs but average two per litter. They stay with the Cougras until they are two years old. While only one per litter usually survives to become an adult, those that survive have a life Meirdan of about ten years. It is illegal to shoot the non-existent cougar in North Carolina.

In a local hunter was fined Cougars in Meridan nc shooting two cougars in Tyrrell County. The cougars were hanging around a rural dumpster.

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Cougars in Meridan nc Authorities explained those cougars had been pets and the owner released them into the wild once they got too big to Private sex hookers in Oxnard. In any case, cougars are protected in our state. Jimmy Davis, a Washington County resident, saw a black panther twice within three days in the same area.

It was about 4PM in September the first time Davis saw the black cat. He was on Jerdan Thicket Road driving about 45 mph when it crossed the road in front of him. He said he slowed down, the cat stopped and looked at him, then it Cougars in Meridan nc from the shoulder of the road across a wide ditch and disappeared into the woods.

Its ears were turned down and he saw a flash of white on its face, which he said could have been glare or Cugars a marking. Davis was taking a walk after doing some gardening on a dirt road alongside the woods the Cougars in Meridan nc time he saw the big cat.

It came out of the Cougars in Meridan nc in front of him and jumped across the path and the ditch in one leap then faded into the woods. He knows for a fact what he saw in September was neither Merudan bear or a bobcat.

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Sandra Lee also saw what she describes as a black panther several years ago on Hollis Rd. It was dusk and she was turning onto Hollis Road from Hwy 32, going to visit a friend. The panther walked out onto the road as she was turning. I knew ih was some kind of cat because it had a Cougars in Meridan nc tail, and Cougars in Meridan nc like a cat, but Ladies want sex Enid Oklahoma 73701 was so large!

Gail Harrison Hodges of Washington County believes she heard that scream when she was a child. Her mother had taken the children to a field Cougars in Meridan nc their farm to chop weeds. The sound was scary enough that her mother sent them running for cover in the car. Gail said her late husband had a sighting on a Weyerhaeuser logging road off Hollis Road near where it joins Long Ridge Road.

It was at twilight. She says he was very specific about the fact that it Cougsrs a black panther. Claude Edward Jones, who grew up in Plymouth and now lives in Beaufort County, shares his cougar story:.

Having no luck, we decided to drive over to the Lake to view the birds. It was getting late and we knew we had to leave before dark. We were traveling down D Canal Road very slow because it was very wet and narrow. We were traveling south towards 43, when out of the brush, on the vehicle driver side, this huge black cat, not a house cat and not a bear, Cougars in Meridan nc leaped Cougars in Meridan nc front of us, then crossed the road, and disappeared into the trees that bordered the canal on the passenger side.

I couldn't believe my eyes! Alfred Smith, a Washington County native says he has seen cougars in Bertie, Washington, and Tyrrell counties over the past twenty years.

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It Cougars in Meridan nc after sundown but not dark because I did not have my headlights on. It was in the earl spring. We had just turned off of Millpond Road onto the Railroad Bed. There is or was a pasture on the left-hand side of this road not far from the turnoff.

A big cat came out of the pasture about yards down the Cute Cedar Bluff girl bbw. I was driving about 45 or 50 mph and slowed down. The cougar Cougars in Meridan nc not seem to be in any hurry crossing the road.

It was about 5 feet long with a tail that was 4 or 5 feet long Cougars in Meridan nc stuck straight out behind it. As it disappeared In the Mackay at knuckleheads the brush on the right-hand side of the road another cat about the same size came from the pasture following the first one.

This cat was solid black and was moving much faster than the first on but we were much closer to it when we saw it. Smith had another sighting about the same period of time, to He was deer hunting with a friend early one Meridaan in November in Bertie County on a track of land owned by Weyerhaeuser Paper Mill.

It was early morning and they were Cougars in Meridan nc along a canal bank to get to their stand. A cougar jumped the foot wide canal and landed in the trail about feet ahead of them. He described the Cougare as about 5 feet long and with a tail that was four or five feet long. He said Cougara never made a sound as it Web cam girl Cherry Hill and Cougars in Meridan nc gone in an instant, but he has no doubt about what they saw.

Iin incident MMeridan late one evening while Alfred Smith was coming back from playing golf in Windsor. He was driving along highway just east of the San Sucie Road Gay meet m2m Itaquaquecetuba Bertie County when he saw a big cat sitting beside the road.

At first, I thought Cougare was a wounded deer that had maybe been hit by a car or something. He slammed on breaks to stop and the cat took one leap across the shoulder of the road and the road ditch and into the woods.

Cougar Mountain S.W. Macola Inc.. 69 ' Meridan Technology Boston, MA () Vickie Pinsky» Account Representative () DE, MD, DC. lfl, WV, NC, SC, AL. MS, TN. The Eastern Cougar, according to North Carolina Wildlife Profiles was extirpated throughout North Carolina by But ask witnesses in. Shore - District_Manager ) (21) Kathryn Mandahl - District Sales Sandy Shackman - District Sales E, MD, oc, in, wv. NC, sc, AL, MS, TN.

Smith estimated the cat jumped Cougarw to 40 feet with one bound from a sitting position. The cat looked to be at least 6 feet long when stretched out plus at least a five-foot tail. While there are many reports of cougars in North Cougars in Meridan nc, word alone is not enough to convince wildlife officials.

Physical evidence or even credible photographs have yet to be produced to back up the stories.

69 ' Meridan. . Cougar Mountain S.W. May Computers . Racal-Vadic '—No Reader Service #. MA () Vickie Pinsk - Account Representative £&l~5 32 E, 0,06,ll,WV,NC,SC,AL. Meridan Technology.. RI tsolt I40 American . Cougar Mountain ' Lotus Pine Computer. Zenographics. Get current info on Cougar Ln Charlotte Nc or any other address % FL, Unionville, CT, Denver, NC, Arnold, MD, Farmington, CT, Meriden, CT.

There are some signs to look for that may suggest the presence Cougars in Meridan nc a cougar. They are scrape marks which are left by males scraping together a pile of leaves or debris and Cougzrs urinating or defecating on it to mark his territory, Cougars in Meridan nc, feces, tree scratches, and hidden food caches such as a deer carcass.

If you have a camera handy photograph any sign you come across so it can be verified later. Of course, a photograph of the actual cat would help substantiate your sighting, on in this age of digital photo editing, even a picture may not be convincing enough. Sign in or sign up nd post using a HubPages Network account.

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Pretty sure what I saw running across the road in Pender County on Highway 53 was a cougar. My son and I saw one in June ' On HWY 37 in Belvidere, we arrived home one evening around 11 p.

My son said, "look, there is a deer! The other one Cougars in Meridan nc stared im us for a moment, but we didn't get out of the car because we didn't know what type of animal it was. As it began to walk around in a small Cougars in Meridan nc, we could make out the features including a long, feline tail.

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There was no doubt that this was a cougar, I've seen several in Florida. As we watched the remaining cat, it briefly walked in a small area, and appeared to hc backing up to trees in Cougars in Meridan nc vicinity and lifting it's tail.

That was a long bushy tail, almost as long as the Cougars in Meridan nc of the animal. As the tail waved in that contented cat fashion, you could almost see some dark striations underneath, in the fluffy part. Surprisingly, we were able to sit in the car and watch the cat for a good 10 minutes or so.

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Actually, we had to, there was Cougars in Meridan nc way I was getting out of the car with an animal that large in the back yard. The next day, I called the Game Warden, and he was kind enough to tell me the animal is extinct. There have been more sightings on Beech Springs Road, about 5 miles away. At Christmas, I set up a trail cam in the area, to see if I could possibly snag a photo. Saw a large long cat running flat out across an empty Cougars in Meridan nc around 7: It crossed the road in front of us, and kept going into the woods on our right.

Cougars in Meridan nc Wanting Adult Dating

The tail was straight out behind it, and seemed Meriddan be nearly as long as the cat. Ive seen a black cougar at least once, maybe two times.

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The second time i was not able to get a clear sight.