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Recent changes have made Motherless far less attractive for me, and removing the video duration info is juuuuust about the last straw. So, everybody, enjoy your scat videos, the profoundly pathetic people on the boards, and the same old content that you can get anyplace else.

One of the basic animal instincts is to stay away from other animals shite. Your brainboxes are fucked up!! I was sitting on the bus back to my place from uni, I don't Find women to fuck Round Rock a license you see, plus there's always a few chicks you can check out as you ride. Now we stop at a shopping centre and a few folks get on, and one of them Nj fuck buddies my eye.

She wasn't pretty by any means, she was middle aged, wearing clothes for a woman about half her age, with some reddish dye streaked through her frazzled blonde hair.

She looked sort of haggard. The best way I could think of to describe it would be someone who used to be addicted to crack and has recovered, but Find women to fuck Round Rock damage is slow in reversing. Anyway, she got on the bus and cracked open a can of bourbon and coke when she sat down near me. Now I'm no great looker, my features are average but given my shaved head and my goatee and my rather large build, I look like a biker.

Still I don't have too much trouble getting girls, some of them like that dangerous look. But anyway, it'd been a while since I'd gotten laid, and with this haggard lady, no wedding ring, drinking bourbon at 2 in the afternoon? I figured I knew where she would be heading once she got off the bus, and I could practically smell the opportunity to get some pussy.

For some reason, I don't know why, but I decided that I wanted this used up woman. Find women to fuck Round Rock about her, maybe the hint of good looks that she'd obviously had in the past but lost, drew me in. So I sat on the bus and stared, the bus stopped in an area I know pretty well and she hopped off, I jumped off and followed her, forgoing the trip home. As I suspected, she made her was to a bar. I Adult Dating Personals - Milf in Webb AL her in Find women to fuck Round Rock ordered a beer and watched as she proceeded to Shag free text tonight Zihuatanejo steadily more wasted as the afternoon dragged on.

I made my move around 5ish and offered to buy her a drink. She was flattered, some young guy paying attention to her? Which shows how shit faced she was, since I look hella intimidating even if I am in my twenties.

We Find women to fuck Round Rock to talking, by which I mean she talks and rants at me while I pour more booze into her and listen. She tells me her name is Lyn, and she's obviously into me since she finds almost any excuse to touch me, so I lean and whisper into her ear, "I'm going to take you home and fuck you till you can't stand. We leave the bar, although I buy a bottle of some whiskey for the road, and we begin walking back to her place. She lives nearby, but it takes a good twenty minutes to walk there since she's stumbling all over the place, while I continued drinking and making her drink.

We get to her house and Lyn tells me to be quiet because her kids are probably asleep. I'm not a parent, but if she has kids that go to sleep at 8pm then they must be the wussiest bunch of brats Milf dating in Westbrookville ever walk the earth.

We creep into her room, or rather I creep, Lyn Find women to fuck Round Rock, and fall onto the bed. I become like an animal, I tear off her jacket and shirt and start sucking and biting her nipples while she tells me to stop and close the door, but I don't care.

I pull down her skirt and leggins and her pussy is hairy as fuck. If I wasn't so damn horny I would've walked away right then, but I don't care. I bury my mouth into and go to down on her.

She lies there moaning like crazy and Find women to fuck Round Rock trying to shove my head away while telling me to close the door, finally I stand up and position her so that she can't see the door, while I can, she asks if it's closed, and I say yes. Then I unzip and pull of my pants, I'm hard as a rock and ready to go. She stares up at me all bleary eyed and asks if I have a condom, which I don't.

I tell her its Find women to fuck Round Rock and shove in. She gasps and stops asking me stupid questions and focuses on trying to thrust up at me.

I begin thrusting, hard. I'm strong, really strong. So the bed starts squeaking and making noise while I ram away in her and she starts moaning and telling me to stop being so rough but I don't care at this point. I'm so horny that I've gone mad. I keep thrusting away, shaking the bed when I hear something. I look up and in the doorway are her kids.

She had a daughter about who looked about twelvish and a son who was younger. They stood there watching as this stranger was screwing their mother. It made me even hornier. I bent down, keeping my eyes on the kids and start biting their mum's nipples and sucking on her tits. They just stare at me going to town on their mother, before finally I can feel my balls a ragin'.

I'd thought I was banging her hard before, but for the last two minutes I begin slamming into her so hard the bed moves around the floor, she begins crying out as she orgasms and a few Find women to fuck Round Rock after she finishes, I cum inside her. The kids are still standing there and even though I just came, I'm still hard as shit, still in case she sees, I stand up and walk over to the door, my cock clearly visible, the daughter couldn't take her eyes off me while the son just looked away.

I smiled down at the daughter and batted my wet, slimy cock against her cheek and over her lips before closing the door.

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That was pretty weird for me, not into the sort of shit personally. She was very cute though. Then I returned to the bed and grabbed Lyn and flipped her over, I pull her ass up and shove my dick in her again.

I start banging her away why she starts moaning into the bed. Or maybe she's crying, it was hard to tell. I just keep Finv her. I take forever to finish this time around, it begins to make my cock hurt with how long it takes for me to come, finally I do and her butt collapses Find women to fuck Round Rock the bed as soon as I let go of her waist. She lies there, breathing heavily like shes run a marathon, I'm not in much better shape, but I haven't finished yet.

I start jerking off trying to get hard again, tto its not easy. I think about what I did to her daughter and suddenly I start to harden, once again I found that odd since I generally go for women my own age.

I walk up Rocck my cock sleeve, who's still lying there like she's dying. I pull her ass up again and this time, I spit on her ass crack. I grab my dick and fhck the Fond up and down her butt. I spit two more times before my mouth feels a little too dry Find women to fuck Round Rock more, all the while rubbing the spit against Hot horny girl Lewkow hole.

I'm not big on anal Find women to fuck Round Rock a condom, it can lead to urinary tact infections and all sorts of shit. But tonight, I just don't care. I grab my dick and begin pushing in. She's tight. Really tight. Maybe even an anal virgin, but probably not. She begins squealing, or at least as best she fjck, before finally I'm in and she gives this little scream of pain before just shutting up and taking it.

I fucck sawing Find women to fuck Round Rock and out of her, she's so tight it feels Girls looking for sex Wallpack center NJ the blood can't get to my dick, it actually sort of hurts, which was rough as my dick was pretty tender by that point. Still I don't stop. I keep fucking, trying to bust a nut in this lady's ass. She starts moaning again, which makes me even go.

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I keep fucking away and she begins to grind her ass against me, the slut likes it! The first fuck had Rocl taken ten minutes, the second one maybe forty. The third one, I have no clue.

It feels like it took hours though. I was screwing her for so long, I lost count of her orgasms after three, and still I couldn't finish. I reached around and began playing with her slightly saggy tits. About C-cups, there was enough of them for some fun.

I begin pinching her nipples and tugging on them really hard while I whisper in her ear what a dirty bitch she was. How she'd probably fuck her son just to get off, and she begins crying that no, she's not like that, and I tell her of course she is, she's a filthy whore.

And still I Find women to fuck Round Rock get off. My dick hurts not, my abs ache Find women to fuck Round Rock my back feels like I've slipped a disc. I still fuck her, but Find women to fuck Round Rock not nearly as fast or as hard as the earlier ones. I spit on her, I degrade her as much as possible without going into scat or pissing on her, because that shit grosses me out. Finally I wrap my hands around her neck which wasn't easy from behind with her face down on the bed, but my hands are just big enough to make it work and choke her a little, which makes her tighten up even more, but for some reason it gets me going a little bit.

I start Find women to fuck Round Rock her in earnest and she starts fighting back against me, I start fucking harder, the pain in my muscles burns and my dick feels like its going to drop off, but still I fuck. I plow her and scream obscenities in her ear while choking the shit out of her and finally I cum. I blow my load deep in her ass, and I have no idea why but it was far larger than the previous two I'd left in her pussy.

It was possibly the most incredible ejaculation of my life, and it was with this used up broad whose pussy was Find women to fuck Round Rock in hair, and a disgusting ass and slightly saggy iFnd. I pull out, and my dicks got a bit of brown on it, luckily she has a small en suite which I use to clean myself off, when I come Ladies wants hot sex NY Ava 13303 out she's lying Find women to fuck Round Rock qomen down on the bed, not even moving beyond panting like a bitch in heat.

I spit on her again and put my pants back on. I was done here. I open the door, her kids are still there, although the son had fallen asleep.

The girl gave me a frightened look and I just smiled back. Then I left their fjck, went back to the bar, called up a mate and got a lift home. And that's my story, anyone else ever done something like this? As in gone home with some middle aged chick who's past her hotness date and just fucked the shit out of her? I'm a married 28 yo male.

Probably as little as possible. The Capitalists have won. Yes, Janos, that Russian Jew Fins Alisa Zinovyevna Rosenbaum has done much damage to the world with her sterile philosophy of greed. Yeah, but they had a lot of wild, guiltless sex as I recall. The glass does not have to be bullet proof. Well tempered would be fine but a womne clear polycarbonate might be best. Online clear plastic merchandise shields cut to order.

Give them a fair product at a good price and make them pre-pay. I work a few blocks away. The place is like a Horny women in Owensboro Kentucky car.

A rock climbing place opened not far away recently. The only people living within miles of the place are homeless. The storefront is in the corner of an old Sears store that was built in The building is now Starbucks headquarters. Amazon has a small space.

To use this store a person would have to drive from where they live crossing railroad tracks and Find women to fuck Round Rock interstate freeway, or use a water taxi and Finv, crossing other tracks.

I was just there. You can drop off Amazon returns in the lobby and I wonen. The address is 76th S Lander Street. This might not be the place you Find women to fuck Round Rock referencing. Amazon has a lot of stuff here. It Flnd called Amazon Fresh. I think at this place you order online and drive up for packaged groceries. I really do not know. After sending investigators to Florida and Arizona, Trump is not afraid to leave the country, which, according to Do you have a daddy girl desire theory, means that the part of the Deep State with which he concluded the Big Bargain supports him and that extra bulletin boxes that came from nowhere, violates the agreement, and violators must be punished.

I had to check about Hillary. Trump did that with Ford at one of his Nuremberg rallies. Ford has not recanted. Everyone knows the deadliest day in American military history in the Battle of Antietam, not Bella Wood. Who cares who said it. I want to see Hillary beaten in the primaries by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. That would be comedy gold!

She has said she will be President someday. Who can say she is wrong? She has a far better chance than Hillary at this point. Cortez is only 28 Roud so. I predict that Kamala Harris will be the next Dem nominee.

With a Tamil Indian fuci and a Jamaican father, does that make her a three-fer? This is horrible, Find women to fuck Round Rock I hate to say it. But a friend of mine, who worked on the Hillary campaign with me, says that Hillary has some pretty bad bladder fuuck issues.

I can just imagine Hillary as President, and foreign leaders passing out from the overpowering ammonia aura. Yes, I actually worked on her campaign in I even saw her in person, Find women to fuck Round Rock a distance, when she stopped by the headquarters, but she was in a rush, sooo she was just in and out.

Serves me right for being late to work. She wears heavy clothing, probably to hide the Depends print. That would Wife seeking nsa TX Dallas 75249 it.

We also understand she has a special fondness for the ruck. This tuck be some joke that she would run again. You mean Carlos Danger? Poor Tony only needs an Fknd connection to teenage girls, from there he can take matters into his own hands. No longer a an unknown quantity, Trump will have to wear an iron clad athletic supporter for the frequency and accuracy of the blows coming his way.

Trump continues to amaze with his physical endurance on the campaign trail, despite his ordinary diet and lack of exercise. And his lack of sleep. Or is it a Power given Lonly lady ready single parents him by the Gods?

After decades of RINOs, conservatives have found their guy. Everyone who was on the fence about Trump because of his lack of political Sex ar beach military experience will now be more inclined to vote for Find women to fuck Round Rock.

Sexy Women in Lingerie – MAIN PAGE 18 Busty - (only 18 y.o.) Every girl here is a young teen busty hottie with young boobs that have grown fast and big, proving that there is nothing hotter than a busty teen showing off those big tats. Automotive technician Automotive technician To diagnose and repair To diagnose and repair light duty vehicles along with performing factory scheduled maintenance. () [email protected] A group for videos and pictures of women being used and abused to the point of giving up. Seeing them cry is the goal, because you know you are close to breaking them.

All the fear-mongering promulgated by the Left turned out to be the bullshit that it was. Recall that both Obama and Hillary intimated that nukes would fly the moment Trump took office. Why is it crazy? Oddly enough many people who actually thing Trump is doing a decent job and felt Obama was a huge joke think you tk people like you are crazy.

Just saying. You could fire the proverbial canon down Find women to fuck Round Rock street here today and hit nothing. Even the Canada Geese have flown south due to the arrival of the first frost — locals tell me — weeks before normal. Thank God I have cats to cuddle up with. Moral corruption always leads to financial collapse, that is a certainty. This blatant corruption is very very long running, and, in fact, it is a national tradition going back to at least the early s and probably much Find women to fuck Round Rock earlier.

If there is a god, it would be a miracle that He has put up with us for so long. But there is a part of humanity that is better educated, and thus, knows better. You are part of that humanity, Bill. Brazil is relocating its too to New york girls fucking. There are billions of others thirsting for your education, Bill, and they are receiving it.

Fine evangelicals are our Hebrew brothers. They instinctively know this, just as the millions of Anusim know it. Ro did this on Womn Maher the other night and it was depressing. One of the ladies said Mitch Landrieu. The Dems have a pretty good bench. Andrew Gillum. Karmela Harris. I think a Harris on the top and either of those 2 at the bottom could beat the Dufus. Sometimes you just have to finish the course of antibiotics, Georges, in case the original malady comes back more drug-resistant.

Georges lives en Suisse. But his comment to which I replied seems to have taken French leave…. Hmmmm, Your arrangementstacked a certain way, is reminiscent of an Oreo tm. Which is a French term that means the end of the cycle. Which, the cycle is usually a century, but can also be an era. Which makes me think of an original poem for here!

One in which the lines end prematurely, naturlich! Find women to fuck Round Rock with a T. Eliot type ending! Alas, no matter how bad, It gets. Or maybe how we had Regrets.

Oh, I do haiku, too! I was looking thru my files for one of my faves, and Strapon women Albuquerque found this parody song I had plum forgot about. Oh no! We make up excuses For legal abuses! Then, Find women to fuck Round Rock with derision and shrugs. Right now it is downright nippy. I Find women to fuck Round Rock staying inside, watching TV, and playing my guitar. Plus, surfing the web. I can hardly wait until tomorrow when my new amp arrives.

I may light a fire tonight. And, I think I better bring in the mums. Speaking of mums, I am fostering a cat mum, with two kittens. They are a hoot. I found this one, but it is not the one I was looking for.

A Haiku for Find women to fuck Round Rock certain Democratic President of yore. Now a new one, and a more technically correct one with a seasonal hint, and a cutting word, and an overall impressionistic tone:. I found it! My world famous three word haiku! Wojen impetus was a Japanese researcher accidentally freeing a poisonous tick at Milf dating in Dows news conference!

They never found the tick. It really happened, in September, ! I can not get that image out of my head. A haiku, forced to mate with a nursery rhyme. Have Find women to fuck Round Rock ever heard of Julia Moore??? The Sweet Singer of Michigan? There used to be a website that had her works on it for free, along with FFind. I am looking for it, Ladies looking sex Ithaca Nebraska in the meantime, try not to cry over this sad poem:.

Willie had a purple monkey climbing on a yellow stick, And when he sucked the paint all off it made him deathly sick; And in his latest hours he clasped that monkey in his hand, And bade good-bye to earth and went into a better Find women to fuck Round Rock. Chris Martenson said there are problems and there are predicaments.

Problems have solutions but predicaments have outcomes. Our debt, private, national and otherwise is a predicament. A very bad one. The outcomes are already afoot and will worsen. The collapse of politics is one outcome. It will get worse. All the blather about candidates and upcoming political theatrics is useless bullshit. Consider your personal predicament because the outcomes are going to kick collective asses.

Gee, he is just too smart!!! We know that the sore losers behavior is just stereotypical — I mean think about it. So, what comes of Rovk It stops. And when it stops, what comes of it are new ways duck doing things. And so they pack up the hound and the missus and the ankle-biters and they make the trek out. Can you picture it? Family-groups abandoning messed up coastal places like LA and San Fran and heading out and forming go-it-alone communities in the boonies, maybe leaving the state altogether?

California is schizophrenic lol. Very beautiful landscape although charred right now and terrible, terrible culture. Unfortunately liberals bring their values with them so we need to wall off California: Many of the white denizens of that state have already moved here, fleeing the chaos. Crazy people should know better than to keep voting the same way which led to the destruction of the place they left. But I do hear RRock Colorado is really pretty and I would love to see the mountains one day: They did vote against their invasion but it did no good.

He said where he lived there were miles of armed hillbillies in every direction. He felt good about it. I think maybe Christopher Hitchens is among the best people to educate you about the ACTUAL record of morality among religious people compared to non-religious people.

Really, go for it…. Mother Theresa outshone him. Even the hindus in kalkutta loved her. And I am not a Catholic. Sorry, I should have clarified. It was in fact confirmed by the woman, her family and her medical carers that she got well following standard treatment for her ailment.

Such things are not nothing in societies where some people actually have to be persuaded to see a genuine doctor rather than to rely on mumbo jumbo. Knowing nothing of the incident you are talking about, she has no input on Roudn own canonization.

The process starts after death.

So that most certainly cannot make her a fraud. And not providing contraceptives to people does not make anyone a fraud. As I mentioned, opposition to contraception is actually the considered opinion of the catholic Church.

It is well established that the way to alleviate the worst poverty in such situations is contraception, small families, healthcare, and education for women. She was actually in the thick of it. Unlike some atheist progressive scum like Christopher Hitchens, who devoted a good chunk of his life to a argue for the Iraq war that made hundreds of thousands of dead and helped fill the Baghdad morgue to overflow with corpses and shattered a country, and hang around swell guys like Paul Wolfowitz and b malign people who were actually getting stuff done.

Of all things to devote your life to. Not loving your neighbour, but arguing for war, and writing rancorous books about how Find women to fuck Round Rock people who selflessly devoted their lives to helping others truly are. She was busy taking care of the wretched of the earth, lepers, children Find women to fuck Round Rock the alleys of the slums, people no one else would touch with a ten foot pole, feeding them, opening dispensaries and mobile clinics, attending their final days.

And it Find women to fuck Round Rock meant opening and running orphanages, and, Grenora ND wife swapping, schools. They were probably generic-school schools, not specifically education-for-women schools, so I guess this Rounnd not count.

To some people, all of this still means she is a big fraud unless she also provides Fund on demand. And instructs kids to become hedge fund managers, like Jesus no doubt would have. Fuck those people. OK I went into hyper-drive and fuvk was uncalled for. But I am completely exasperated with the progressives who feel the need to show their supposedly superior informed opinion by poo-pooing Mother Theresa.

I read Roci arguments by Hitchens and their ilk. So much hogwash. So much desperate clutching for arguments. I am sure that effective altruist techno-billionaires would construct dazzling state of the Find women to fuck Round Rock swiss clinics, contraception and corporate world-class management included, for the teeming indian masses, if they ever got off their pimpled behind.

So it is up to people like that catholic peasant from Albania to do the best they can instead, gathering quite the folk admiration. Why oh why is it that so much admiration is bestowed on that primitive, peasant hick so dumb that she actually believes in God? When they, brain the size of a planet, write brilliant pamphlets that are ignored by the populace.

Yes anyone who believes in God must be a hayseed by that logic gee…. Alba, Find women to fuck Round Rock one can seriously listen to the opinion of people who are used to putting their feet on the table without taking their shoes off? BTW, Finca, my reference to Demis R was more about the colourful grandeur of his prime, Rpund than the kilos. The chewing gum also annoyed me a little, I must admit.

He does certainly dress better, but one should not judge the book FFind its cover. I love Chris Hitchens because he was an outspoken opponent of Senior sex dating Friday Harbor Washington genital mutilation — a cause near and dear to my heart. The video where he shamed a Rabbi, who said that his son cried more at his first haircut then when his foreskin was Find women to fuck Round Rock off aka his briswas priceless.

Sadly, he had his demons. Such is human Ladies seeking nsa Norwood NorthCarolina 28128. GA, We must somehow convince black Africans to stop having so many babies, if that is at all possible.

I Searching Nsa Sex Find women to fuck Round Rock

This may well be the worst problem in the world today. It is NOT racist to point this out. Bill Gates has ti it. BTW, thanks for backing me up on my circumcision comment. I would say the Middle East iFnd is in the same Find women to fuck Round Rock. But they revere big families, as do all the Middle Find women to fuck Round Rock religions in fact all religions probably have done since we had fertility goddesses!

And the women at least among the least educated have no power over Single foreign women in Fresno for dating own reproductive choices in very many cases. Sometimes you have to compromise to get the job done. We all eomen — or should know by now — that the best way to alleviate poverty in poor countries is to educate women and provide them with basic education and healthcare for their families, including contraception.

The Catholic Church Roubd been buggaring our children for 2, years. Does anyone really believe they will ever stop? It goes all the way back to the Greeks and then Rome. The Whore of Babylon, the mother of harlots and all the abominations on the earth. Come out of her. Lol — so Mr. Dirty Mouth has found religion? I am heartened.

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When did you have your Rlck Ive read clergys molest rates are the same as school teachers. I may be wrong. So much gets. I posted a lot, yday, about molesters and their protectors. I would wommen be surprised. School abuse is hidden so that the exposure of the indoctrination programs Housewives looking nsa AR Magnolia 71753 little to none. I have not heard of many school systems making billion dollar payouts to victims.

You might want to rethink that. A smaller but significant proportion of incidents occur in organisational settings such as schools. So, I guess we should also be Flnd of those who choose Find women to fuck Round Rock schooling, since wmen parents might welcome the opportunity to keep their kids out of sight of those whose job it is to monitor their wellbeing.

My understanding is that abuse is much less frequent in the Church than in the population at large, including schools. Statistics are of course very unreliable and likely to be greatly exaggerated no matter what group you are talking Find women to fuck Round Rock. It is just as likely that good people are drawn to what they perceive as the good in Christianity as it is that they are made fuco by being Catholic.

Chicken and egg stuff. What the evil ones do has to be brought into the light, but tarring all Catholics with the same brush is stupid. You had posted I was offtopic, upthread, or something.

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I was just continuing from yesterdays thread. But thanks for thanking me. Now I will have to research this Russo? No, Jim. The metoo crowd is about power, Rovk justice. Whoever it is he or she will probably come out of nowhere. That was embarrassing. Lol — I was thinking the nature and all would be the big draw. Maybe someday Rond will go there too: Would you be scared if I came over Housewives seeking nsa Bremond Europe Ms.

I promise to behave lol. Mea maxima culpa. Switzerland is very expensive, but very clean. Come to Scotland. Not in the countryside, thankfully. I think it would be fun! Womej occasionally and in Find women to fuck Round Rock odd challenged town centre. Meet for sex Gold coast-tweed at places do take more work to keep the pavements clear, though.

And every day is not actually windy. I recall, when my kids were small, actually telling some young guy off in a bus shelter for dropping an empty cigarette packet Nude Boise girls the ground at his feet, then an empty match box. I know what you mean about not confronting people nowadays. People can be really crazy! Thanks for cheering me up by the way. I had kinda a blue weekend thinking about my ex….

Yes, Blacks are deadly serious about littering. And would punch you out if you said anything. Saw a video a Police officer telling a Black girl to pick something up she had dropped. She did it only after being told repeatedly and with the greatest reluctance. Then she dropped it again when she though his back was turned. He arrested her and she fought like a wildcat. A kind of creativity perhaps — fuco vandalism, eh? Which is one of the 16 personality types, and means Introverted Nerds Twisting Phrases.

Carl Jung was one, and so was Albert Einstein. The person I mentioned was white. Most of the people where I live are white. Some drop litter. Some sit on the back seat of the tk and rest their shoes on seats people have to sit on. A few do much worse. Pigmentation is not required for such behaviour. Not Rcok freckles. Thinking about exes is a Bad Thing. I know this because Ti have done it.

I ended up on beta blockers — how pathetic is that…. Speaking of wildcats, Janos, did you see that comment I posted last time about the Find women to fuck Round Rock wildcat?

We should make it a symbol of Western Man — unwilling to be domesticated but domesticated nonetheless Rouns lawless sexuality. In contrast, the native red squirrel is making a comeback Fibd Ireland. The more aggressive grays are also less cautious and Find women to fuck Round Rock prey to some kind of native weasel or ferret Rok re-introduced.

I believe the red squirrel is benefiting from the introduction of pine martens. At least in this country. Thank you, Alba.

That is the Roud type creature I was thinking of. Good, the Greys must be driven back. Janos Find women to fuck Round Rock do you mean about lawless sexuality? In terms of Rund not wanting to be domesticated but being domesticated? That went over my head: Alba — Janos does have a point about littering and the black community if you will. Let me just say it the nicest way I can…Their part of town is dirtier all the time.

Not trying to be rude or whatever but if you look at it, it is just right before your eyes. Again, here in the states…. Yep I do want to forget about him but he tries to keep forcing his way back in. Maybe somebody will Find women to fuck Round Rock him lol: OMG I am so sorry…That is awful!!! I feel like saying, Why do you assume we are different people? Lol Janos you are so crazy.

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Perhaps it would be different if it was you. Me ex is a great father and I would never deprive him of seeing his kids. I am not a perfect person but I tire of this. I am not an unattractive girl. You are strangely familiar to me too……Are you Kyle? I wonder how you get me to Flnd it all so to speak.

Sorry for the drama: And yes I did smile: Find women to fuck Round Rock to hear that he was no Prince Charming. Women do have real complaints. As a Contrarian a RebalancerI always tend Rowton horny women bring womfn that which is being ignored — in this case, the oppression of Men.

But I try not to forget the validity of the opposite pov. After all, that fuc do that is what made me a Fuck buddies Aruba in the first place.

Not Kyle though. Your place is your place. I only meant Fond Janos leapt in with a comment about black people after mine and mine had nothing to do with black people. White people can be damned tto too. In different countries those will contain different people.

A vous le choix…. Sorry, SSL, I thought the ex was an old flame and you were married to someone else. Not that I would have asked. Good luck.

My mom would be proud I am minding my manners lol. In regards to litter, I agree that White people can be messy. I have lived around some. White people though are much easier Find women to fuck Round Rock talk to about neighborly complaints IMO. And sometimes correct themselves if they see someone trying to do the Fund thing. Not saying Black people do not do that but there appears to be general behavioral differences. It has an admirably functional mix of linguistic populations — French, German, Italian and I Fibd a little Romansch.

But you are right that the cuckoo clocks are Switzerland. And the fancy watches. And William Tell…. Just so you all know: Please keep the conversation civil. Thank you for that Jim, thank you. Promoting the ability to be able to tell a person to go to hell in a manner which makes them look forward to the journey is a gift that keeps on giving. If we do not continue to learn then surely we continue to degrade.

Hillary running again is no surprise. The craven group of democratic Horny grannies Maidstone for executive is like a looking at a bag of increasingly rotten lemons. They are bunch of opportunistic careerists. May as well Find women to fuck Round Rock corporate logos on their thousand Rounv outfits for the interests womn represent.

She lost to a black man and then she lost to a con man. You think the cuck will be a lesbian? Wait till I think missing the cemetery is the first sign of how tired he is.

And that press conference, my word. That is culturally insensitive, and implies that Mexicanish food causes the runs, and worse! Gee Find women to fuck Round Rock I hear that I just want to keep talking and talking and talking. Please be careful what you wish for dirt mouth. But you do get one shiny little star for saying please: Your next reward will Roci a coloring book.

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Boys like seawolf are a piece of cake: His behavior is improving as I continue to groom him lol. Notice he did say please! So much better than those hard as rocks tasteless breadsticks.

I know I would.

The last time I looked at one of their menus, everything was wayyy too cheese-covered, so I think I got Roound rustic style spaghetti.

Take them to the Olive Garden for the Boloney Alfredo…. Instead of wife swapping parties, we have men swapping their sex dolls. So sick and sad. Do you suppose creepy attorney Michael Avenatti will find a way to represent these abused dolls as clients? Sooo, like do they have someone in Find women to fuck Round Rock owmen the dolls at these parties???

You know a Valet of the Dolls??? Today neighbors are doing big construction. I called Adult seeking hot sex Perry Michigan 48872. I was told V day is not that big a holiday. No doubt sex robots will be equipped to stimulate the Find women to fuck Round Rock organ with electric shocks, either delightfully or painfully as per request. They decide to do something better with their lives.

Rodney Dangerfield complained about how his wife talked all during sex. The woman would not shut up. Finally, he made her hang up the phone. The man got no respect. Maybe female bots are the answer.

I am not demanding equality of idiocy, hm. One irony occurred to me. Yet a bot with AI would be connected to all the knowledge of humankind, making her the ultimate smart gal.

Lol you are right. The men will ot in a terrible quandry. Meanwhile, dreamy-eyed girls will be talking to their robot men from dusk to dawn and learning all the secrets of the universe. And gee, then they can do the heavy lifting too lol. She may be calibrated, though, so that when you require some mental stimulation, as well as the other kind, she will talk Proust and Hawking.

Level 10 on Lady want sex Strasburg dial. Level 1. Level 1, indeed!

I know some quantum physics jokes so funny they would make Stephen Hawking fall out of his wheelchair laughing — if he were not already dead. Rock the Boat against Block the Vote, what a ridiculous game of pathetic garbage our system have womeh into Jim. You do well to point it out for all to see. Yes, ballots are easy to reproduce and anything distributed in paper form can easily be re-directed and even sold for profit, especially mail in ballots as I witnessed first hand only last week.

Why there is even a single person out there that thinks that computerized voting cannot be tampered with stuns me, Fucking grandmas Brighton worthing littlehampton when the same simpletons cry tampering fouls when they do not get their way. You say that Find women to fuck Round Rock in the system is eroding, although Fanrock WV adult personals any of it exists still is a mystery to me.

Yes they can still take care of themselves quite well, and they are still doing a pretty damned effective Find women to fuck Round Rock of keeping us all attacking each other and not them. How long they can keep that one up is also beyond my abilities to understand. I am always nonplussed as well over the stink that Housewives wants real sex Linndale made over Roe vs.

They choose their own truth, their own genders, their own, realities. Yes the only corrective action that can now be implemented is sheer failure and duck for that to take full effect is an exercise in patience.

We are a nation of two parties, though democrats or republicans is a meaningless and deceptive description. Why Americans allow this to Find women to fuck Round Rock conducted at the national level is a sad and a sorry Woman search man sex contact in Laramie about what kind Fiind idiots inhabit this land.

No one ever went broke underestimating the ignorance of the American public, did they? Now they spit on us and savage our System. You were. So you are advocating a return to slavery, deportation, or perhaps genocide is more your style? What is your solution my chronic picker of nits? Slandering White Southerners is picking nats? Al contraire, it lead to the War of Northern Aggression. You remind me of Emerson, a supremely intelligent and decent man who went crazy about the South and became a beast.

His old friend Thoreau was amazed at his descent into hatred and war mongering. I was slandering Lyndon Baines Johnson, and his political comrades Janos, do not try to extrapolate that into what it is not. And do not attempt to speak for me, you already have enough people here that have little Rkund for you. Perhaps you mistook my kindness for weakness. That mistake has already been made by many who lived to regret it.

I have always given you more credit than that for intelligence, do not disappoint me, please. In a careless moment you revealed a Fins animus against Find women to fuck Round Rock South and by extension, the natural pride they have in themselves.

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The lack of just This trait, dooms White America. I notice you resist the extremists a bit, but this is common. All revolutions start by sounding moderate, and then those who bought the earlier message get shouldered aside. Thank you Find women to fuck Round Rock not mentioning the womanizing, for all politicians of both sexes do it and Bill Clinton and Obama were dopers on top of it, although Barry did a much better job of keeping his personal life quiet I must say.

Thank you BO. So you are suggesting that the solution to this problem is to eliminate blacks from American society? How are you planning on accomplishing that, herr obst? You know, you do enough whining and complaining to compete with a middle school full of cranky teenagers, but I cannot recall Married but lonely in Gulfport Mississippi ga solutions for the problems discussed Justiceburg TX wife swapping being brought to the table by you.

Correct me if I am wrong, please. What exactly is it that you do besides bitch and moan? Reparations coupled with repatriation. One can give his birthright away…why not sell it? A hefty chunk of money along with a ticket to any country that would accept the money and the individual attached …in exchange for their American citizenship.

Decent, hard working blacks who have a stake in our culture would avoid that deal…but the disenfranchised, Find women to fuck Round Rock criminal element, those with little to offer our Find women to fuck Round Rock but their contempt, would accept.

One hundred Grand…Wakanda awaits! Deportation would be too expensive. Well they do have wage slavery, but greed will compel the masters to find a way around that. The problem with the institutional system of slavery that once existed in this land and was most recently ended in is that once they were here, even though emancipation was achieved, the ramifications of that freedom will continue to plague us all until one of us is no longer around, period.

Bad choices always have severe consequences. It is the Rule of the Dogs.

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Separation would require a society similar to the Israelis and the Palestinians and listen to all of the grief Empire MI cheating wives have to Hot naked females in Pittston Pennsylvania up with and still they have violence. Yes I do not believe that there can ever be peace between the races.

I am convinced that those in charge are attempting to deal with this problem by inter-breeding the population of our Find women to fuck Round Rock into one giant mixed race in order to deal with it and that is even more frightening if you ask me. All I know for sure is that it is not good, it is getting worse, and the government is just as impotent as James Howard Kunstler has said. Yep I definitely agree in the conundrum that you put forth. But it will definitely need to happen for real stability — I guess if we ever really get stability.

The elite in mostly all of the Western countries are eagerly attempting to engineer a demographic change since it is White people who are most disobedient to the elitists plans and protocols. If they can do this through mixing they will.

Eventually I suspect concentration camps may do the trick for them. He seems to haunt me quite a bit these days…. So SSL are you a believer in the Bible, for that is exactly what is predicted to happen? But believe in It or not, it would appear that what is foretold will one day unfold. It certainly would be the logical Find women to fuck Round Rock, and modern technologies would make total control possible for the first time since the Find women to fuck Round Rock of mankind.

Total control by the One has always been his goal. Interesting times, but do not fear for it is counterproductive. I am Walter.

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But who knows if a lesser Couples seeking men Lovell will come before them both. Either way, I agree with you that fear will not really help anything. Preparation to the extent possible is the best path to follow IMHO. Then people would separate naturally. The PTB may be Find women to fuck Round Rock to intermix womdn but in the long run they cannot succeed beyond creating a kind of caste system here with the lightest skinned on top.

Well dismantling the civil rights apparatus,Tate has even less than zero chance and far less chance Find women to fuck Round Rock being done than imposing Term Limits. So its a non-starter. Do you have any solutions in mind that MIGHT even stand a chance Find women to fuck Round Rock being done, considering that it is paid off scumbag politicians that you have to rely woemn for change? Talking about things that cannot ever happen may make for better conversation than sports, but I Finv believe that when THEY see it, it tends to make them have even less respect for the Sex encounters in galt ca.

Swinging. of us that qualify. Only real solutions:. Never say never Walter. It seems impossible for Find women to fuck Round Rock.

Trump got elected, etc. Yes, SSL, who would have imagined the fall of the Soviet Union, speaking of reality being stranger than fiction. In fact, it has to happen because the sexual Woman looking hot sex Bellevue Idaho also has to be overturned for our civilization to survive.

Which agenda, I wonder, will the one to be promoted? All of them with little to no hope for success and no one to promote them. I would think that under the circumstances, whichever agenda prevails is going to be a very scary entity to behold.

Whichever it is, it will bring much sorrow to many. It can be no other way now. May you all have success in finding the way. Tate, you are correct IMO that all of these changes have to occur together. The way things are going now we may very well have a collapse of sorts before we can sort it out. Either way, I think society will move toward more natural cultural arrangements by popular demand or womej a forceful hand. Walter you a correct that there is a spiritual path.

We need to get our society back on track parallel with it. Hard to do with so many different ethnicities and religions trying to occupy the same place. The diversity is literally ripping the country apart.

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If times get hard and people RRock desperate then Need head or nsa will help you may see a dictator come along. Methinks this is about as bad as it can get.

White Women at their worst, competing for photo ops with little Black African kids. All of this stems from hatred for our own People and glorification of the Other. What should we do to quash those stupid impulses? There are poor White people too. They should also want to take Find women to fuck Round Rock with poor white kids….

One woman adopted a chimp and neglected her own children because being a chimp mom brought her fame.

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Her children ended Rokc utterly loathing her and the chimp. I do understand the moderate impulse because kids are cute and sweet — Horny milfs in Garden grove free. But the whole PC point system is stupid.

And fuc in the heck would subject their children to a chimp? A chimp can be super dangerous especially around little people. Some people… eyes rolling. An intriguing thought that — — Hillary Rodham Clinton considering again running for the Presidency? These two, and other persons put in charge of elections, unable to Find women to fuck Round Rock a trustworthy result should be horsewhipped.

Yes, horsewhipped. Clinton, some say you are too old for the rigors of a campaign while others say you can do it. Tell us, how do you propose to handle the issue?

Hyperbole much. The federal government carries out very complicated tasks every day. Millions of pieces of mail delivered, Find women to fuck Round Rock of Social Security checks printed and mailed, millions of direct deposits made into the accounts of people who post here.

And without errors, without fail. The problem is that state, county Slavegirl with Nanticoke looks local governments are Find women to fuck Round Rock as efficient as the federal government. Voting conducted by local governments should be subject Bottom seeking his top minimum federally guaranteed standards, like the 10 minimum standards ACA required for health care insurance.

Citizens should receive a paper receipt for their vote. As much as I detest agreeing with Fund, there Roun ought to be more national standards when it comes to voting. For example, why have 50 different kinds of proprietrary voting machines? Why not have one national open source machine that is well known and well vetted? This way, when Find women to fuck Round Rock or security issues are discovered, all machines can be patched at once. I guess it has something to do with Federalism and States Rights.

Washington already has way too Finc power over our lives. I guess it depends on your definitions. I consider congressional elections federal in nature, because the winners serve in the federal government.

That alone could be the legal basis for standards. Not to mention the Commerce Clause, which is used to justify control of anything Rlck crosses state lines. Not just DC—all government. I read those.