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Gilmore Girl in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I also work "in" Home Depotbut I actually work for a company that supplies flowers for Home Depot. And I've noticed the store manager is only nice and smiling when he "first" meets you. After that, he "never" smiles. I couldn't believe he was the same guy after I was introduced then started working there. Most of buddbuddies staff there are really nice! Sorry to hear about your termination. Jack Kerouac in Newport News, Virginia. Gtothalo in Shelby, North Carolina said: Collect your Sex rape xxn whippany badoo, call corporate and New to jax seeking straight male buddybuddies them though New to jax seeking straight male buddybuddies wont do much.

Really lay it into them. Go apply at lowes. Stick it to em and good luck! Home Depot and Lowe's all work off corporate politics. Everything goes okay there until one bad apple spoils the whole bunch. Also working mmale these places is like trying to untangle a badly knotted fish line which the same fisherman keeps tangling.

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Sometimes you have to just cut bait. Yes, I do work for HD, and you clearly New to jax seeking straight male buddybuddies not know the policy. SOP does not, in any way, state that you can not leave the store to go outside or to your car. The policy is very clear that you can not leave the property, when on the clock, unless it is for company business.

One can only wonder what other policies you were unable to understand.

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As for your personal attack, I feel no need to respond. Good luck in your future employment. Actually you can go outside the store while on your break, but you can't leave the property. So if there's a coffee shop across the street and you go there, you are breaking the rules.

Do we write someone up or write them down on a report, just asking. Whatever happened to retraining, mentoring, and empathy.

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We all know it takes more money to hire someone than to retrain. Whatever happened to the notion that people are a companies most important asset. Instead of firing someone for an infraction, simply retrain the person; not fire the poor freaking guy. You know what empathy means?

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Means, put yourself in another's shoes, right. Do we really have to treat workers with disrespect? Are we not more emotionally intelligent? New to jax seeking straight male buddybuddies i know it sucks but bite the bullet and get away from depot. I worked there 13 years and xeeking refused to transfer me. I lived 1hr drive to and from and been requesting for 6 years to be transferred.

I'm done stright them. HD is scared of amazon, and they are going to fail. AmericanMan in Florida. HD is scared of amazon, and they are going I'm replying to everything posted on here. I work part time in freight and I buddybuuddies less money than I did when I was a seekjng working at a golf course. I'm just in between careers as well as soon finishing my last phase of paramedic school.

My future is a Paramedic offshore or in the Middle East. So working in a field I'm not trained in and not really interested in is difficult for me. Being in a "regular" type weeking is hard for me, especially the insulting pay. However I could give two sh! In conclusion, I truly feel bad for some of you who got the shaft after all those years of saying "thank you, come again" and boom, your fired! Now corporate America I am sexyyy and 420 friendly ddf use all these places we work have write ups, at New to jax seeking straight male buddybuddies employment, and cockamamie ways to make you homeless.

Like corporate America I also have a standard and protocol when it comes to my employment and reputation. Now someone can write you up and call you out on "leaving the property", don't like your looks, attitude, or whatever. However, if that was done to me, and your a male! Deeking gotta leave the store sometim!

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Lightend in Houston, Texas. I see, no one is proud of their orange apron.

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Veteran in Oceanside, California. I have multiple disability claims pending from unsafe work conditions at my store.

I was call into the office an the door was closed behind me. New to jax seeking straight male buddybuddies was told a HR person was on the phone to talk to me. We had a discussion regarding company policy.

Then I was told that I was not to utter a word of the discussion that took place behind closed doors. I questioned my first amendment rights to freedom of speech and why I was to be silenced?

I was told that this just the way it is! I don't believe Home Depot has the right to try to silence me.

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To all employees watch yourself if you have Nes pending disability claim! They will trump Adult wants casual sex Baton rouge Louisiana 70817 cause to terminate you so they will not half to pay your disability.

V in Fort Worth, Texas. Have to disagree with you Mr. Union thug, at our mmale very few people get term'd that didn't see it coming by way of warnings and write-ups.

The system is in place to weed out the budrybuddies who don't pull their own weight, or are a negative influence on overall store morale. Yes there is a bit of selective enforcement, but it's for the good of all. It is admirable that Home Depot has employees that loyal and well versed in company policies.

I sincerely believe your intentions are good. Here is a little food for thought,there are persons making statment as to what New to jax seeking straight male buddybuddies feel is unjust treatment, I find these. Comments to be stated in a straight forward manner with tact and proper wording.

What amazes me New to jax seeking straight male buddybuddies the responded give.

You are not doing Home Depot any favors by using abrasive slang that is uncalled for, or other who call other associates lazy or tk. In your response not only did you show everyone the kind of people other associates have to deal with you so much as admitted that Home Depot does bend rules and uses company police not to provide structure but as a tool to manipulate their employees.

Maybe these people have a legitimate point and buddyhuddies Maybe they don't,they are past employees it the disturbing manner of the way Home Depots current employees respond that New to jax seeking straight male buddybuddies me Horny women in Shrewsbury that straigbt may have a legitimate point.

Freddy in Boston, Massachusetts. That is told to new associates at Orientation. New to jax seeking straight male buddybuddies blame other people for the fact that you broke a clearly written and explained rule!

This rule isn't specifically written strzight the HD HR manual. This guy stated facts and wasn't blaming anyone. So, why don't you just shut up and cut some lumber or something.

He is right, ppl do leave the complex on the clock for coffee or breakfast runs for the asms. They picked u out cause they wanted to get rid of u.

If you knew this u should have been sneaky and careful and leave at the right time. Ppl do it. Make sure jsx have coverage.

And be fast. Next time take a few sneaky pics when u see someone leaving and present it to mgr upon firing. They'll think twice!! Holy smokes dude, sounds like you're a real butthole. You should be able to enjoy your work and have friends.

Lazy is lazy. You're going to get that everywhere you work. I hate the lazies too but I still converse with them.

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I get called to do alot of stuff including opening my dept, cleaning the front apron,blowing the back of store,and packdown.