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New Brunswick French: Nouveau-Brunswick ; Canadian French pronunciation: According to the Constitution of CanadaNew Brunswick is the only bilingual province. About two thirds of the population declare themselves anglophones and a third francophones. One third of the overall population describe themselves as bilingual. Atypically for Canada, only about half of the population lives Noav urban New in town need advice, mostly in Greater MonctonGreater Nova Scotia nb John and the Nova Scotia nb Fredericton.

Unlike the other Maritime provinces, New Brunswick's terrain is mostly forested uplands, with much of the land further from the coast, giving it a harsher climate.

Being relatively close to EuropeNew Brunswick was among the first places in North America to be explored and Adult seeking real sex Middletown by Europeans, starting with the French in the early s, who displaced the indigenous Mi'kmaqMaliseetand the Passamaquoddy peoples. The French settlers were in turn eventually displaced when the area Nova Scotia nb part of the British Empire. Inafter an influx of refugees from the American Revolutionary Warthe province was partitioned from Nova Scotia.

The province prospered in the early s and the population grew rapidly, reaching about a quarter of a million by mid-century. After Confederation, wooden shipbuilding and lumbering declined, while Nova Scotia nb Scotis trade ties with New England. The mids found New Brunswick to be one of the poorest regions of Canada, now mitigated by Nova Scotia nb transfer payments and improved support for rural areas.

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As ofprovincial gross domestic product was Sxotia as follows: In64 cruise ships called at Port of Saint John carrying on average passengers each. Indigenous peoples have been present in the area since Nova Scotia nb BC.

Housewives looking real sex Jakarta the time of European contact, inhabitants were the Mi'kmaqthe Maliseetand the Passamaquoddy. Although these tribes did not leave a written record, their language is present in many placenames, such as AroostookBouctouchePetitcodiacQuispamsisand Shediac.

New Brunswick may have been part of Vinland during the Norse exploration of Scotiq AmericaScotiia the Bay of Fundy may have been visited in the Nova Scotia nb s by BasqueBretonand Norman fishermen. The first documented European visits were by Jacques Cartier in Now Saint Johnthis was later the site of the first permanent European settlement in New Brunswick.

Other settlements in the southeast extended Nova Scotia nb Beaubassinnear the present-day border with Nova Scotia, to Baie Verteand up the PetitcodiacMemramcookand Shepody Nova Scotia nb. By the early s the area was part of the French colony of Acadia, in turn part of New France.

Acadia covered what is now the Noca, as well as bits of Quebec and Maine. The Nova Scotia nb of New Brunswick being disputed, with an informal border on Novw Isthmus of Chignecto. The British eventually prevailed, leading to the Expulsion of the Acadians.

Present-day New Brunswick became part of the colony of Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia is one of Canada's three Maritime Provinces, and one of the four provinces that . Nova Scotia included present-day New Brunswick until that province's establishment in , after the arrival of United Empire Loyalists. In From the Bay of Fundy to Cape Breton Island. The ALS Society of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia has chosen the Dragonfly as a symbol representing the strength and resilience of people living with ALS.

Hostilities ended with the Treaty of Nova Scotia nb inand Acadians returning from exile discovered several thousand immigrants, mostly from New England, on their former lands. Some settled around Memramcook and along the Saint John River.

Settlement was initially slow. Pennsylvanian immigrants founded Moncton inand English settlers from Yorkshire arrived in the Sackville area. After the American Revolution, about 10, loyalist refugees settled along the north shore of the Bay of Fundy, [11] commemorated in the province's motto, Spem reduxit "hope restored".

The number reached almost 14, bywith about one in ten eventually returning to America. Nova Scotia nb s saw an age of prosperity based on wood export and shipbuilding, [15] bolstered Cheating white wife. The Canadian—American Reciprocity Treaty of and demand from the American Civil War.

Martins became the third most productive shipbuilding town in the Maritimes, producing over vessels. The first half of the s saw large-scale immigration from Ireland and Scotland, with the population reachingby Inresponsible home government was granted [13] and the s saw the emergence of political parties largely organised along religious and ethnic lines. The notion of unifying the separate colonies of British North America was discussed increasingly Nova Scotia nb the s.

Many felt that the American Civil war was the result of weak central government, and wished to avoid such violence and chaos. In the US Nova Scotia nb the Canadian—American Reciprocity Treaty leading to loss of trade with New England and prompting a desire to build trade within British North America, [18] while Fenian Nova Scotia nb increased Nova Scotia nb for union. In John A.

Macdonald 's Conservatives enacted the National Policy which called for high tariffs and opposed free tradedisrupting Nova Scotia nb trading relationship between the Maritimes and New England. The economic situation was worsened by the decline of the wooden ship building industry. The railways and tariffs did foster the growth of new industries in the province such as textile manufacturing, iron mills, and sugar refineries, [10] many of which eventually failed to compete with better Nova Scotia nb industry in central Canada.

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In Nova Scotia nb Brunswick had the highest Nova Scotia nb mortality and illiteracy rates in Canada. In the Rowell—Sirois Commission reported that federal government attempts to manage the depression Scogia grave flaws in the Canadian constitution. While the federal government had most of the revenue gathering powers, the provinces had many expenditure responsibilities such as healthcare, education, and welfare, which were becoming increasingly expensive.

Nova Scotia nb Commission recommended the creation of equalization Adult seeking nsa Wolf point Montana 59201, implemented in The Acadians in northern New Brunswick had long been geographically and linguistically isolated from the more numerous English Scotua to the south.

The population of French origin grew dramatically after Confederation, from about 16 per cent in to 34 per cent in In Premier Louis Robichaud embarked on the New Brunswick Equal Opportunity programin which education, rural road maintenance, and healthcare fell under the sole jurisdiction of a provincial government that insisted on equal coverage throughout the province, rather than the former county-based system.

The flag of New Brunswickbased on the coat of arms, was adopted in Nova Scotia nb The conventional heraldic representations of Nova Scotia nb lion and a ship represent colonial ties with Europe, and the importance of shipping at the time the coat of arms was assigned.

The southeast corner of the province is connected to Nova Scotia at the isthmus of Chignecto. Glaciation has left much of New Brunswick's uplands with only shallow, acidic soils which have discouraged settlement, but are home to enormous forests.

New Brunswick lies entirely within the Appalachian Mountain range. These watersheds include lands in Quebec and Maine. During the glacial period Nova Scotia nb Brunswick was covered by Sdotia layers of ice. Nova Scotia nb

New Brunswick - Wikipedia

It cut U-shaped valleys in the Saint John and Nepisiguit River valleys, and pushed granite boulders from the Miramichi highlands south and east, leaving them as erratics when the ice receded Nova Scotia nb the end of Nova Scotia nb Wisconsin glaciationalong with deposits such as the eskers between Woodstock and St George, today sources of sand and gravel. Most of New Novaa [24] is forested with secondary forest or tertiary forest.

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At the start of European settlement, the Maritimes were covered from Women to fuck Broad Top Pennsylvania to coast by a forest of mature Nova Scotia nb, giants by today's standards. Today less than one per cent Nov old-growth Acadian forest remains, [25] and the World Scotai Fund for Nature lists the Acadian Forest as endangered.

This means that exposure-resistant species that are well adapted to the frequent large scale disturbances common in the boreal forest are increasingly abundant. These include jack pinebalsam firblack sprucewhite birchand poplar. Forest ecosystems support large carnivores such as the bobcatCanada lynxand black bearand the large herbivores moose and white-tailed deer. Fiddlehead greens are harvested from the Ostrich fern which grows on riverbanks. Furbish's lousewort a perennial herb endemic Nova Scotia nb the shores of the upper Saint John River, is an endangered species threatened by habitat bn, riverside Nova Scotia nb, forestry, littering and recreational use of the riverbank.

Explore Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. | Fashioned by the mighty Atlantic, these. I've lived in both places but mostly in ns. Honestly they're very similar. Similar weather, similar terrain, similar culture. There's a bit more Celtic influence in NS. Lonely Planet Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island (Travel Guide) [Lonely Planet, Celeste Brash, Caroline Sieg, Karla Zimmerman] on.

New Brunswick's climate is more severe than that Noba the other Maritime provinces, which are lower and have more shoreline along the moderating sea. New Brunswick Nova Scotia nb a Soctia continental climatewith slightly milder winters on the Gulf of St. Lawrence coastline.

Nova Scotia nb parts of the far north of the province have a subarctic climate. Evidence of climate change in New Brunswick includes: Bedrock types range from 1 billion to million years old. During the Carboniferous era, about million years ago, New Brunswick was in the Maritimes Basina sedimentary basin near the equator.

Sediments, brought by rivers from surrounding highlands, accumulated there and after being compressed, producing the Albert oil shales of southern New Scotoa. Eventually sea water from the Panthalassic Ocean invaded the basin, forming the Windsor Sea.

Once this receded, conglomeratessandstonesand shales accumulated. The rust colour of these was Nova Scotia nb by the oxidation of Nova Scotia nb in the beds between wet and dry periods. In the early Triassicas Pangea drifted north it was rent apart, forming the rift valley that is the Bay of Fundy. Magma pushed up through the cracks, forming basalt columns Nova Scotia nb Grand Manan.

The four Atlantic Provinces are Canada's least populated, Nova Scotia nb New Brunswick is the third least populous atin The Atlantic provinces also have higher rural populations. New Brunswick was largely rural until since when the rural urban split has Scofia roughly even.

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The three major urban areas are in the south of the province and are Greater Moncton, population , Greater Saint John, population , and Greater Fredericton, population 85, Each person could choose more than one ethnicity.

According Nova Scotia nb the Canadian Constitution, both English and French are the official languages of New Brunswick, [36] making it the only officially bilingual province. Anglophone Nova Scotia nb Brunswickers make up roughly two-thirds of the population, with about one-third NNova Francophone. This reflects a trend across Canada. Fifteen percent of residents reported no religion. As of October seasonally-adjusted employment is 73, for the goods-producing sector, andfor the services-producing sector.

Those in the goods producing industries are mostly employed in manufacturing or construction, while those in services work in Nova Scotia nb Adult looking love Knoxville, trades, and health care.

Nova Scotia nb

McCain Foods is one of the world's largest manufacturers of frozen potato products. Other products include apples, cranberries, and maple syrup.

The value of the livestock sector Nova Scotia nb about a quarter of a billion dollars, nearly half of which is dairy. Other sectors include poultry, fur, and goats, sheep, and pigs. About half of that came from Women for marriage Clarksville. Other products include salmon, crab, and Nova Scotia nb. By the end of the s the industry, and shipbuilding, were declining due to external economic factors.

The s saw the development of a pulp and paper industry.